One Way Forward

Feedback for a revolution (with a small "r")

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One Way Forward: The Blog

I’ve just published a short book, One Way Forward: The Outsiders Guide to Fixing the Republic, that describes a strategy for moving this revolution along.

In that book, I’ve promised a revised version sometime in the fall. 

This blog is meant to be a discussion space for that revision. I invite anyone to offer criticisms or comments, or ideas that might make the next version more compelling.

That revised version will be Creative Commons licensed, as will v 1.0 when the revision is released.

Thank you in advance. 

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Chapter 1: Prologue

We need to recognize the kind of time, politically, that this could represent. 

This is the thing that the commentators miss. They see a fight between the Right and the Left. … But as well as the Left side and the Right side, there is an inside and an outside.

This time, these movements, are from this outside.

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Chapter 2: Passionate

We have entered a period of enormous political energy, driven by the passion of very different souls. I describe that passion in this chapter, and try to make sense of what it represents. 

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Chapter 4: Potential

What kind of change does the current mix make possible? In this chapter, I describe the alliance should be working towards We are different, as Chapter 3 makes clear. We don’t have common ends. But despite that difference, there is something that we together can do. 

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Chapter 6: The Plan

The most specific description of particular steps to take now, this chapter will evolve the most. I’d be grateful in particular for other ideas and approaches, as well as criticism of these. 

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Drawing on the ambition of other political cultures (Iceland, for example), I suggest the challenge we face is not as great, and the opportunity, even better.